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Standard Keywords

Great for increasing brand awareness, improving conversion growth and increasing market share. These keywords carry a lot of search traffic and broadly describe a product or service. They play an important role in targeting large pools of prospects and creating conversion opportunities.

Long-Tail Keywords

Great for increasing content visibility, quickly ranking less privileged pages, and increasing conversions. These are more specific phrases that prospects use when trying to purchase a product or service. Using these keywords will reduce your search volume and level of competition.

Broad Match Keywords

Aiming for new markets and promoting paid search advertising.
In order to ensure that the most people see your content, broad match keywords aggressively promote your advertising in search results by featuring the precise keywords, their variations, and other related topics.

The Process

Keyword research is a six-step process.

Site Review

Keyword research begins with a keyword ranking and a review of the site's current performance in organic traffic.

Competitor Review

After reviewing your site, analyze 3-5 major search competing sites based on keyword duplication and relevance.

Niche Review

To keep track of gaps, conduct industry research to identify niche-specific keywords that are important to your audience.


Once you have identified all the keywords and topics, manually segment the keywords to maximize your opportunity.


Then share all the segmented Excel data and the summary PDF to highlight keyword opportunities, trends and themes.


After the report is shared, the consultant sets up a phone to discuss analysis, recommendations, and implementation.


What method do you employ while researching and analysing keywords?

The keyword research and analysis process at our keyword research company includes competitor analysis. We find keywords worth pursuing for your company by observing what your rivals are doing. In order to maximise your chance of boosting website traffic, we additionally consider search engine trends to identify the most popular terms. Additionally, our company makes use of Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMrush for keyword research. These tools enable us to determine the level of competition for a given keyword as well as the number of individuals searching for it. Using this data, we can select keywords that are relevant to your company. Finally, to choose the optimal keywords for your company, our professionals draw on their expertise and understanding of the sector. They create a list after merging the data they have collected.

What advantages can long-tail keywords offer?

Long-tail keywords should be your main priority if you want to boost your SEO efforts. Compared to shorter, more popular keywords, they frequently have lower competition and are simpler to rank for. The ability to draw in more niche visitors is one of the main advantages of using long-tail keywords. People who are already interested in what you have to offer are drawn to your website when you use targeted long-tail keywords. This indicates that they have a higher chance of becoming clients than people who choose broad terms. Long-tail keywords are also excellent for SEO because they can raise your position in the SERPs. When using precise long-tail keywords, you face fewer rival websites in the race for the top spot. This indicates that you have a greater opportunity to rank higher and draw more traffic from search engines.

Why should I use your firm for keyword research?

One of the most crucial elements of SEO is keyword research, which business owners may find challenging to conduct on their own. This is where a reputable keyword research company like us can help. We will work with you to identify the best keywords to target and assist you in creating a plan for ranking them. Because of the knowledge and experience our professionals possess, you should think about employing us. We'll research the best keywords for your industry and tweak your website to produce high-quality leads. Overall, by automating keyword research and analysis for you, our SEO specialists can save you time. They are up to date on SEO strategies and can assist you in optimising your site for the right keyword.

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